France comes forward to help India during corona period said, "we are with you.."

Apr 23 2021 02:03 PM
France comes forward to help India during corona period said,

New Delhi: France has spoken of standing with India amid the devastation of the crying epidemic. France has said "It is ready to provide any kind of help to India in the hour of this trouble. French President Emmanuel Macron has said, 'I want to give the message of standing with the people of India. This new wave of Corona has caused a major crisis. France is with you in this struggle".

Further said, "We are ready to give you any kind of help. France, which sold Rafale fighter aircraft to India, has previously spoken of being with India in many cases including terrorism". During the Pulwama terror attack in India and the attack on the office of Charley Hebdo magazine in France, both countries expressed their support for each other. The President of France has said many times that India and France are in the same condition in the war on terror.

France had also opposed china's move against India in the UN Security Council. However, France's relations with neighboring Pakistan are at their lowest level. France recently recalled its diplomats following the violence in Pakistan over the prophet's cartoon.

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