Frank Song’s Advice For Using The Bootstrap Business Strategy

Being a successful investor means that one needs to seek opportunities, analyze, and scrutinize investment models and management presentations. It is never easy to establish a successful investment into a business without a systematic process of inputting and eventually received the original investment capital with profits back. One of the most excruciating parts of growing a business is the analysis of the business model and management of cash flows.

The interesting part of Frank Song’s career is that although he is currently an investor in businesses, he decided to build his first companies without the use of any outside investors, even from family and friends. This technique is commonly known as “bootstrapping,” is one of the most difficult but lucrative versions of building a company that’s possible. It involves creativity and resourcefulness beyond what the competitors or other similar companies had conceived or are willing to sacrifice. It also means that once the company is at scale, the business is totally and completely owned by its principals.

Frank Song’s entrepreneurial journey started with the real estate industry. At the tender age of 17, he became a licensed real estate professional, which helped him earn money to finance his own university education and graduate debt-free. Frank became homeless when he was 14, as he was given the responsibility of managing his household. Life was messy as his mother was suffering from a mental disease, and his father was prone to substance abuse. Throughout his life, Frank has encountered many negative experiences, but as he is growing and liberating his inner self, he is developing as a person and is always seeking positivity in his life.

Frank’s life after graduating from university changed dramatically after he landed a job in one of the top investment banks of wall street. Over the course of his employment, he was able to complete $500 million in acquisitions and mergers, becoming one of the best investment bankers. Later after grueling months of interviews, he was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a private equity investor in Menlo Park, where he worked with top executives and maintained relationships with companies all over the world.

When asked about one of the values he practices daily, he laid down his emphasis on being resourceful. Understanding your situation and working towards finding effective and efficient methods will help you save money and be self-sufficient. Moreover, during his days being a homeless teenager, he improvised his night shelter at Walmart. This is just one example, as being resourceful has become one of the most important parts of his life.

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