If you want to learn English, this app will help you!

Sep 20 2019 10:48 AM
If you want to learn English, this app will help you!

Google is a known name in search engines and other products. Google is one such app that can help you learn English. Google's Android App is named 'Bolo'. Although this app was specially created to get a grip on children in both Hindi and English languages, if you want to learn basic English, then this app is not bad for anyone of any age.

It also works where very good mobile connectivity is not available. Along with this, there is also a voice assistant in the app. It will keep you informed of how and what to do in this app from time to time. It has many study material for primary level children. Let's know in full detail

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For your information, tell that Google's Bolo app has many stories in both Hindi and English languages. Different level reading levels are also given in it. With the virtual assistant named Diya, you can learn the sentences spoken by him repeatedly or by speaking together. If you are having difficulty in speaking a word, Diya will find it out automatically and help you in pronouncing that word before reading further story. While learning English, Diya also explains the meaning of the word in Hindi.

Now you will be able to search in Hindi, whether it is words like Ok Google, Hindi bolo!

It has become the thing for children to learn English and Hindi well from the beginning, but if you also want to get a grip on English language, then there is no need to spend money or loose pockets for it. 

The biggest feature of this app can also be said that it supports many languages. Android version, as well as PC version of this app, has been made available. Hello app has been designed in India only. Therefore, the app has been made in such a way that it is easy for Indians to learn English. There are more than 250 English grammar lessons in this app.

In this, conversational games etc. have also been provided to teach English easily. The game is also available offline. In case of any problem, you can also ask questions on chat with English experts. With such features, this app will go a long way in keeping a better grip on your English.

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