From fizzy hair to dull skin, walnut peels will provide relief, use it like this

Walnuts are delicious, healthy dry fruits and eating it has many great health benefits. Walnuts help you to stay energetic throughout the day. Yes and apart from this, the properties present in these dry fruits help to make the skin glow. Walnuts as well as its peels work effectively for the skin. Yes and you may not know, but refining the skin of the powder of walnut peel, it helps you to maintain fresh and soothing skin. Now we tell you how you can use walnut peels to enhance beauty.

Use as scrub - Walnut peels can also be used as scrubs. Yes and make a powder of it first for this, but keep in mind that the peels are quite hard, in such a way leave them to dry in the sun for some time, and then cut it into small pieces. After that, put it in the mixer and grind it. Now according to the face, take its powder in a bowl and mix aloe vera gel in it. Then scrub it. If your skin is dry, use glycerin. Apart from the face, you can also apply it to the body if you want.

Amazing oil for hair - oil can be made from walnut peels. Be it the problem of hair fall or fizzy hair, then take a regular oil for this and put it in the embroidery and keep it to warm up. Now when the oil is hot, mix the dry amla and walnut peel in it. After this, when both of them are well cooked and their color changes, turn off the gas and filter it and make it in a bottle.  

Remove dead skin- Use walnut peel powder for this as it can help you avoid flaky patches or dryness. Yes, and it can also clean excess oil from your face, which is not associated with the problem of closed pores, oily skin and blemishes.

Reduce acne and red spots- Powder of walnut peels can help open the pores, so the chances of getting acne are less. However, make a paste of the powder made of its peels and rub it on the face with light hands because the powder of the nut peel helps in the disappearance of blackheads and red spots.

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