“From an Obese Woman to finishing the toughest triathlon in the world in 7 months - The inspiring journey of Nupuur Patil”

Apr 25 2021 09:11 AM
“From an Obese Woman to finishing the toughest triathlon in the world in 7 months - The inspiring journey of Nupuur Patil”

Nupuur Patil, a Mumbai based Sports Nutritionist and an Athlete is breaking stereotypes with her recent accomplishment of finishing IronMan 70.3 held in Dubai this March. An overweight woman in the start of 2019 to an athlete who finished the Iron Man 70.3, Nupuur Patil is definitely busting Myths around fitness. If you are seeking inspiration for fitness, Nupuur Patil’s story is your motivation for today.

An Obese, Low on confidence and a woman who was a victim of child abuse were few things she she identified herself with a  few years ago. Today, she is recognised as one of finest athletes, a strong headed woman and someone who makes heads turn with her personality. Nupuur’s Model of fitness is extremely lucrative and unconventional. Nupur weighed around 85 kgs at the start of 2019 and today she is making statements with not just her transformation but her clientele worldwide who have experienced incredible transformation in few weeks. 

In her opinion, people say “start slow” whereas she believes in “start slow but stay consistent”. According to Nupuur, The fitness world has glorified loosing weight far too much. In a recent interview with our publication, Nupuur said “Losing weight is perhaps the easiest thing one can do if you follow the right module”

How often have you heard stories about an Obese woman finishing Iron man few months after her weight loss, Almost never. Not only did she complete Ironman 70.3 but also finished it in record timing for the first time. Nupuur dedicates this victory to the constant support from the men in her life, She believes that her husband and her brother have been her greatest support in helping her manifest this thought that once looked like a dream far fetched. When asked, what does this victory say to all the woman in the world, Nupuur Promptly replied, “This victory is just not just about women, its about the victory of mind over body, persistence over lethargy, Hope over hype and most importantly for men and women both, I hope this inspires Men and woman to get up and workout today”

Nupuur is currently preparing for another Ironman for the next year and also bringing in some terrific transformation for her clients through her app that has already transformed a lot of many lives. 

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