From becoming 'CM' of Maharashtra to avoiding the police, Shinde opens up several secrets

MUMBAI: Eknath Shinde on Monday also passed another examination in Maharashtra. He won the trust vote. He received 164 votes. Meanwhile, Eknath Shinde revealed when he finally made up his mind to revolt with Shiv Sena. How Maharashtra Police broke the blockade. How he managed to beat Uddhav Thackeray in every game. 

Eknath Shind said he was being suppressed for a long time. His rebellion, he said, as a result of the unfair treatment meted out to him. Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that he had made up his mind to revolt against Shiv Sena after the Legislative Council elections. Not only this, Shinde described Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis as the real artist behind the formation of the new government. However, he said, he will always be a Shiv Sainik and will not do politics of vengeance. 

After winning the trust vote, Eknath Shinde said in the assembly, that the way I was treated because of the results of the Legislative Council elections. I thought that now I will not return. In the Legislative Council elections, BJP won 5 seats. On the other hand, Congress's Chandrakant Handore got defeated. A few days ago, in the Rajya Sabha elections, another Shiv Sena candidate had to face defeat in front of the BJP candidate. Eknath Shinde said how he managed to move out of Mumbai. Shinde said, ''The police had put up a blockade. I know how to locate mobile phone towers and track a person. I also know how to avoid the blockade." Referring to the events before the formation of the new government, Shinde said that at the hotel where he stayed in Guwahati, From there the MLAs used to go out to meet Fadnavis after sleeping. Then they would reach early in the morning. He said that Devendra Fadnavis is the real artist of the government. After leaving Mumbai, all the MLAs had reached Surat on 20 June. Thereafter, all of them reached Guwahati by chartered plane from there. All the MLAs reached Goa on 29 July. From here he reached Mumbai on 2 July. On Thursday, Shinde took an oath as the chief minister, while Devendra Fadnavis took an oath as the deputy chief minister.

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