From Katy Perry to Claudia Sisella, these artists have a love for India

There is a saying that the essence of all religions is one. That's why maybe we get attracted to other religions along with our religion and want to know about it. There have been many such Hollywood stars who, when they came to India, could not stop themselves without visiting the temples here. Not long ago, Will Smith visited India after the popular Oscar slap scandal and went to visit ISKCON. Even before this, many Hollywood stars also came to India and visited the grand temples.

Katy Perry - When Katy Perry came to India, this time was very special for her. She married comedian Russell Brand. He also saw the Taj Mahal along with it. However, the marriage of the actress with Russell did not last long. Both got separated in 2 years. But it is a matter of coincidence that her current boyfriend Orlando Bloom has also had a connection with India. Sonia Constance Josephine, mother of Katy Perry's fiancee Orlando Bloom, was born in the city of Kolkata, India.

Claudia Sisella- There are many pictures of Claudia on the internet in which she is seen wearing a sari and wearing a garland. This supermodel may have been born in Poland but her inclination has always been the most for Hinduism. She is a devotee of Lord Ganesha and always keeps him with her. She has also appeared in some Hindi movies. This includes movies like Kya Supercool Hain Hum 3, Desi Katte, Khiladi 786 and Yaar Pardesi.

Will visited India after the slap scandal, showed maximum faith in Hinduism

Katy Perry's unique look in a green off-shoulder top and open hair

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