From marriage to having a baby, this prediction was already made about Nick and Priyanka.

In the year 2019, the news of Priyanka Chopra becoming pregnant went viral on the media. Later, Priyanka's mom Madhu reacted to these rumours and made it clear that there is no such thing right now. It was predicted that not yet, but after 2 years, Nick would have a baby in Priyanka's lap. Along with this, the news is that those who predicted Nick Priyanka's child had made the prediction of Nick Priyanka's marriage about 13 years before their marriage.

Priyanka Chopra was predicted: According to media reports, this prediction was made by numerologist Sanjay B Jumani. A reporter for Spotboye also spoke to Jumani about this. In the year 2019, when the rumour of Nick Priyanka having a baby went viral. Sanjay B. Jumani had then predicted that Priyanka will become a mother in the next two years, not now, but in the coming two years.

Nick Priyanka's wedding was predicted 13 years ago!: Recently he also said that he made this prediction 2 years ago. Continuing his point, he has further said that 13 years ago he was about to give a testimony to Filmfare magazine, in which he was to mention nick and Priyanka's marriage. But they thought it was going to be incredible for people. Because this is a long time ago, although that thing still exists on Google today.

Will Priyanka Chopra go on the path of politics?: Not only that, she has also said that - 'Priyanka's inclination is now also in politics. He still wants to join politics. In such a situation, he is very excited about the future whether what he has predicted can be proved right or not. Jumani further said that she is proud that she is associated with numerology. According to media reports, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra recently announced that they have become parents to a child through surrogacy. At the same time, his fans are not happy with this news. At the same time, 'Nikyanka' fans on social media are congratulating him.



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