From owning Jet Black-themed businesses to owning a Jet Black Home, meet Manzil Pathan.
From owning Jet Black-themed businesses to owning a Jet Black Home, meet Manzil Pathan.

Manzil Pathan is gradually but steadily moving towards achieving his desired goals in business and life, setting an incredible example for other budding talents across industries.

No one ever said that the path to success is all about sunshine and happiness. All those who have tasted their definition of success have had their sweet journeys where they faced innumerable hurdles and obstacles. However, they learned how to remain resilient and determined to achieve their goals through the process.

We couldn’t help but notice how Manzil Pathan rose as one such shining example for the world, especially for the younger brigade, who today are vying to make their name count in their respective sectors and niches.

Manzil Pathan cannot be put into a box. He is a multi-faceted individual and professional who has showcased phenomenal passion for his work, which has catapulted him to massive success at a very young age.

This young Indian, shuttling between Hyderabad and Mumbai, has today emerged as a VIP business personality who has always remained in awe of and in love with the color black, so much so that each of his businesses radiates his love for the color.

From ideating businesses to setting them up and seeing them flourish, focusing on staying distinctive with each of them has consistently motivated him as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Manzil Pathan, for his immense love for the color black, ideated, designed and flourished his automobile, fashion and F&B businesses with brands like Blackyard Automotive, Blackyard Fashion Studio and Café Blackyard, respectively.

The hotelier is also a rising investor and importer of all branded clothes. He highlights that he wanted a space where he could dwell peacefully with interiors having an all-black color theme. Hence, he also chose to have a Jet Black color-themed home.

His love for supercars and superbikes led him to build his automotive business; his quirky and modern-day fashion sense motivated him to develop his fashion studio, and his love for coffee and beverages helped him start his café, which is today India’s 1st Jet Black café. 

However, he attributes his success to the challenges in his journey, which gave him the courage to keep walking his path, no matter what.

Manzil Pathan (@manzil_pathan) is here to stay and inspire many more lives.

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