From reducing weight to reducing inflammation, mint syrup is very useful

In the summer season every person thinks about keeping himself cool. In such a situation, you can consume cold and delicious syrup made from mint. Yes, because by consuming it, health will also be good and you will feel good too. In fact, many health experts say that mint contains menthol, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin-A, riboflavin, copper, iron, etc. So today we tell you how to make mint syrup and its benefits.

Make mint syrup at home- First of all wash the mint leaves thoroughly. After that keep them in a cup. Now after this take one spoon of honey and rock salt. Now take one spoon roasted cumin powder in the jar. After this take a spoonful of fresh lemon juice. Now mix them all together and grind them in a mixer. After this, after mixing it well, take it out in a vessel. Now after this mix this mixture in a glass of water. Now keep it in the fridge for a while, so that it cools down. After this, you consume cold mint syrup.

Benefits of drinking mint syrup in summer- Consuming mint gives relief to the body from burning and swelling. Apart from this, the consumption of mint is also beneficial in getting relief from oily skin. Yes, along with this, mint syrup fulfills the lack of water in the body, due to which you remain healthy. At the same time, the consumption of mint can be very beneficial in reducing weight. Apart from this, it provides relief by reducing the problem of burning, gas and acidity in the stomach.

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