From Rounak to Ronthatsme - A story from a Fanboy to a Rapstar

Jul 22 2020 11:33 AM
From Rounak to Ronthatsme - A story from a Fanboy to a Rapstar

As a kid who loved hip hop  he  was always intrigued by how the lyrics and rhythm of rap music goes hand in hand. From listening to independent artists in abroad to listening to rappers like Raftaar, Divine, Naezy it’s been a journey of an excited young kid who loved rap music. He never thought he would  ever go into rap music but he was pursued to follow his passion by his fiancé Dipali Haithamwar and his first song “Naya Daur” came into being as he wanted to write something about India, showcasing its good points and spread some positivity.

He always wondered and saw India being showed as a poor and 3rd world nation, wherein that’s far from the truth. Naya Daur is written from the point of view where India is shown in a different light. This is the India from the 21st Century where everything is the latest and up to date. 

The name “Ronthatsme” started as a small hook when he always practiced songs written by famous artists on his own.  He always introduced himself as “Ronthatsme” because he saw that all rappers had a stage name they felt connected to like Dwayne Carter Jr. is known as Lil Wayne, Armando Perez became Pitbull, Shawn Carter became Jay Z, Dilin Nair is Raftaar, Vivian Fernandes became DIVINE, all these rappers had a stage that connected them to the audience and some personality or a different side of theirs and he believed Ronthatsme suited him because he felt that’s his way of announcing himself to the world and that’s how “Ronthatsme” came into being. 

In the current pandemic when the world struggled to cope up with the change, he decided to pursue his passion of rap and start his rap career. That is when he wrote his first song “Naya Daur” which portrays our country in a different light and shows a different side of India. During the making of the song he thought that all good rappers need good merchandise and along with his rap career he  started his own apparel brand named DIRO Apparels. The entire merchandise in the album “Naya Daur” is sponsored by DIRO Apparels.

This album is where the underground meets with the current reality of our lives and he wanted to try and bring out the same from his songs.

Song lyrics :-

Naya Daur 

Ye hai free India 
Let’s go come on
Beat drop

Dekh mein Hun yaha aaya firse,
Dekh muh se mere aandhi barse,
Likha rap jab mann bharke,
Sab Khush ho gaye mere log ghar Ke,
Dekh gaya maine rap apna,
Pura kiya maine khud ka Sapna,
Khel mein aaya naya sher hai,
Kiya usne yaha sabko dher hai,
Line meri ek bada top hai,
Kyu ki uska ek bada scope hai,
Desh mera hai ek numberi,
Rap ke yaha kisse kam nahi,
Underground ek rap khel hai,
Sabka dekho yaha ek mel hai,
29 dekho states hai yaha,
Aisi janta tumko milegi kaha,
2020 ka rap,

Har ek cheez ka app,
Jio dekho mere desh mein Chaya hai,
Facebook dekho usne Laya hai,
Free WiFi pura high fi,
Movie dekhi jaise puri sci-fi,
Ganges ka ye pani behta clearly,
Rap ek hustle hai merely,
Garib nahi ye ek privileged rap hai,
Dog Wala filter kiya snap hai,
Money transfer kiya via paytm,
Ghar jaane ka curfew is 10 pm,
Kashmir jao ya jao Kanyakumari,
Mera desh up and down,
Full to bhari,

Ek hi awaaz, ek hi agaaz,
Sher deta dekho zor se dahaad,
Naya daur hai,
Naya shor hai,
Log dekho 130 crore hai,
Sapne yaha hai sabke leher mein,
Tamasoma jyotir gamay.

Bring us from darkness to light,
This is our independent right.

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