From Working With Dwayne Bravo To Bollywood Dreams, Social Media Influencer Aliya Hamidi Is Unstoppable

Aliya Hamidi is a popular social media influencer who has a great fan following on Instagram and Facebook. One vital thing a social media influencer has to follow is remain active and interact with the followers. Aliya knows this very well and hence, more and more people started following her liking her content. 

On her social media pages, Aliya Hamidi shares different kinds of content  She flaunts her fantastic acting skills in vines creation. Along with having an acting bug, she is good with make-up too. Hamidi shares make-up tutorials with her followers which are quite helpful to most of her followers. 

If you are wondering that Aliya Hamidi took years to build this influence in the internet world, you were wrong. It was only 6 minths ago she started blogging and has been winning hearts with her work. Along with showing her skills on social media applications, Aliya even showed her talent to the world. She featured in a music video with international cricketer/singer Dwayne Bravo. 

Along with being a part of DJ Bravo's music video, she has acted in  5 Punjabi music videos and have more music videos coming in future.  Aliya Hamidi plans to start her own YouTube blogging channel that will help her connect with her followers and admirers more. Her beauty, talent and charming presence has grabbed Bollywood's attention along with many brands for digital promotions.

As a human being, Aliya Hamidi is kind-hearted and a giver. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she has been a part of various donation drives to those in need. Her other hobbies include travelling, wandering around, and wants to visit every possible place in the world.  Her bucket list includes working in Bollywood movies, doinv more music Video work, make her YouTube channel a success and make stronger social media presence.

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