This restaurant offers 'Sasural Jaisa Bhojan'

Jan 16 2021 03:40 PM
This restaurant offers 'Sasural Jaisa Bhojan'

All of you must have seen the pictures of restaurants having unique-name on the internet go viral. There are many people in the world who do something in the desire to do something different, which makes everyone laugh. Many times, people keep the names of their shops strange, and the unique name of such shops also have unique menu card which draws the the attention of the people.


Earlier, we introduced you to the Kalu Bewafa tea stole, which was on the Internet because of its tea. A restaurant has come up in this list. In this restaurant, the customer can get 'Sasural Jaisa Bhojan'. A recent photo has been shared by Twitter user @PriyankaJShukla.

She wrote in the caption, 'Ghar Jaisa Khana To Bahut Bar Dekha - Suna Hai. Yeh Pehli Bar Dekha!' There is a restaurant named Suruchi and it is written in a sparkling light outside, ' Sasural Jaisa Bhojan '. This is where the gleaming line remains a topic of discussion on social media. People are sharing this photo and are praising its food.

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