Future philosophy may help to resolve evils in your relationship
Future philosophy may help to resolve evils in your relationship

Relationship; a beautiful bond which brings countless happiness as well as dozens of arguments and stress too. People who are in relationships are familiar with these.

Meanwhile;sometimes disagreements tend to go out of hand and, in some cases, lead to break-ups.

But,if trusted on the latest research, then walking back  and thinking about the future in moments of clashes could help people get over these tough times.

Yes,it is right, the study was conducted by Alex Huynh and Igor Grossman, from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and Daniel Yang from Yale University, USA.

Huynh says that,“When romantic partners argue over things such as finances, jealousy or other interpersonal issues, they employ their current feelings as fuel for a heated argument. By envisioning their relationship in the future, people can shift the focus away from their current feelings and mitigate conflicts,”

When questioned that is actually works or not, Clinical psychologist Tanushree Bhargava says, “I support the view that taking a step back can help resolve conflicts. When an individual thinks about the future, he or she develops a broader approach to the situation. So, a conflict can be acknowledged as a small obstacle. This perspective makes a person hopeful, and motivates him or her to give his or her best to resolve the conflict.”

While on the other hand Relationship expert Vishnu Modi says, “While making plans, one should take into consideration that nothing is certain in life. You should be ready for any eventuality, so that you aren’t disappointed if your plans don’t work out. Adopting a realistic and practical approach is a must.”

So,before going to wrong decision must think about the future,it will help you to resolve problems in your relationship


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