Gajak like a market made at home in the easiest way in winter

Nowadays it is cold weather and Makar Sankranti is also coming soon. In this case, if you are fond of eating gajak and are not able to buy it from the outside-in view of corona infection, you can make gajak at home. Today we're going to tell you how you can make gajak at home.

Gajak Making Materials:-
White sesame seeds 200 g
Jaggery 300 g
15-16 chopped almonds
15-16 chopped cashew nuts
2-3 ground cardamom
3 tsp ghee

Gajak Recipe:- For this, first bake the sesame seeds well in a pan. Now when the mole starts roasting, it smells slightly. Then remove the sesame seeds in a plate and let it cool. Now add ghee and jaggery to the pan and cook on a low flame. Then grind the sesame seeds in a mixer. Now grease a deep plate with ghee to make gajak. Then mix cardamom powder and sesame seeds in jaggery syrup. Now turn off the gas and put it on the plate and spread the mixture. Now apply chopped nuts on it and set the gajak with a little hand and spread it with a cylinder. After about 10 minutes, cut the gajak into the shape as desired with a knife. Now leave the gajak to set for about 30 minutes. Finally, lock it in an airtight container.

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