Game play addiction took child's life
Game play addiction took child's life

Nowadays, there are many cases of crime which are shocking. According to reports in one of the cases, a 19-year-old man playing a game on a mobile night committed suicide by hanging himself in the house. In this case, it is reported that the incident occurred on Thursday morning at the Peranphata complex at Haveli Tehsil in Pune and the young man's family donated his eye. Police said, 19-year-old Divakar alias Santosh Dhanpal Mali committed suicide and police have registered a case of accidental death in connection with the incident.

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According to the information received in the case, Santosh, who was studying for the second year from the faculty of commerce at the College of Wagholi, was quite quiet and the parent was the only son. For the past few days, he was addicted to playing games on mobiles and had been playing games until late at night.

For the past two days, he had not even gone to college and lived in the house with his parents and grandmother. He was alone in his room on Wednesday and was playing games on mobile at the time. While playing there, he committed suicide by hanging with the help of rope. The incident took place on Thursday morning when her parents went to wake up to The Incident and there was a sense of grief.

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