Every part of Ganpati Bappa's body teaches a lot to us
Every part of Ganpati Bappa's body teaches a lot to us

All of you will be aware that the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi has started from 2 September. It is said that every part and weapon of Bappa's body gives the right knowledge to human life, so that he can do his welfare and today we are going to tell you the meaning of every part of him.

Lord Ganpati's big forehead - It says that Lord Ganesha's forehead is big and it means that a person with a big forehead is very intelligent. Ganeshji's great forehead also tells that a person should always keep his thinking big, only then he can achieve his status. Small thinking does not allow a person to move forward.

Lord Ganpati's small eyes - It is said that Ganpati Bappa's eyes are small and small eyes mean that a person takes things very seriously and is also reflective. With this, the small eye tells that study everything deeply and only then a decision is taken, such a person never cheats in life and the decision is absolutely right.

Long ears of Lord Ganpati - You must have seen that Lord Ganesha's ears are big like soup and having big ears is considered a symbol of luck and longevity. Along with this, big ears also indicate to be alert.

The trunk of Lord Ganpati - The trunk of Lord Ganpati is always moving and it means that one should always be active in life, always keep working.

Lord Ganpati's belly - It is said that Lord Ganesha's stomach is very big and it is considered a symbol of happiness and big belly means to understand the good and bad things, that is, digest them properly and then give your decision.

Ekadant Ganapati Bappa - Ekadanta (One teeth) teaches that we should use everything properly, everything in life can be useful to you.

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