Ganesh Visarjan;The ten days ritual ends today !

Sep 15 2016 10:48 AM
Ganesh Visarjan;The ten days ritual ends today !

The ritual of bringing and keeping Ganeshji for ten days and performing his “bhakti” is not very old, it was started by Baal Gangadhar Tilak during the British rule to unite the people through such religious activities. Gradually, the trend started to spread all over India.

There are various debate and views in the religious books of Hindus. It is said that during the Mahabharat – Vedvyas ji, to cool Ganesha’s temperament shrunk him down a river body.

Today millions of people not only in India but also, those millions of people that believe in God Ganesha all over the world will do the visarjan of their beloved God and pray him to come again in the next year.

These ten short days went divine and peaceful for Ganpati lovers. Everyone did the best they could do to serve the lord and make him happy so he has his grace upon them.

Let’s just wish, he comes back soon.

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