Gang busted for fraudulently opening bank accounts and transacting lakhs of rupees

Mandsaur:- Instructions were given by Superintendent of Police Mandsaur Anurag Sujania to take effective action to control crime and criminals in the district. Acting on the report received by Police Station Kotwali under the guidance of Gotam Solanki Additional Superintendent of Police Mandsaur and Satnam Singh Nagar Sp Mandsaur on June 23, 2022, the accused Shubham alias Piyush's father Rajendra Sharma, aged 23 years, was arrested and arrested by the accused, a resident of Janda Gali Narayangarh District Mandsaur and 11 ATMs one Aadhaar card one PEN card one cheque was obtained fraudulently from the possession of the accused. A mobile phone was seized.
At Police Station Kotwali, Mandsaur, the complainant Siddharth's father Banshilal Rathor, 23, resident of Srinath Vihar, Narsinghghat Mandsaur, reported that the complainant's friends Yash Makwana, Mohammad Amir and Shubham Sharma, who work in The IndusIndiya Bank Limited Mandsaur branch. By these three, the complainant was told that if you open your account in this bank, then you will be given a commission. On being suspicious, the complainant opened his email ID on his mobile phone and checked it and checked it, then he found a transaction of lakhs of rupees in his account and discussed with the accused Yash Makwana, Mohammad Amir and Shubham  and asked for his real documents and asked for his account number and cheque book. He refused and kept procrastinating and refused to give the actual documents. In this regard, an authorial application was submitted by the complainant to the Police Station Kotwali, during which investigation found that lakhs of rupees were deposited in the account of the complainant and lakhs of rupees had been withdrawn. While the complainant is said to have no knowledge about his account, the accused Yash Makwana, Mohammad Amir and Shubham Sharma have registered an offence under Section 420 ipc against them and on June 23, 2022, the accused Shubham Sharma, a resident of Narayangarh district Mandsaur, was arrested and interrogated and interrogated by opening the bank accounts of people known to his fellow accused and getting them into the transactions illegally. Information is being obtained as to which persons have been transacted by the accused persons in the complainant and other accounts. People of the same general circumstances have been lured and transactions worth lakhs of rupees have been made illegally in their accounts, which could be the money of a gang of tax evasion, cricket betting and there is also a possibility of hawala business, which is being researched.

Name of the arrested accused: Shubham's father Rajendra Sharma aged 23 years mandsaur.
Absconding accused: Yash's father Madanlal Makwana resident Ramtekri Mandsaur, Mohammad Amir's father Shakir Mohammad, a resident of Mandsaur, Fort Road Mandsaur.
Seized Masruqa: ATM Total-11, Aadhaar Card-1, Pancard-1, Chequebook-1, Mobile Phone-1
Police Team: Inspector Amit Soni, SHO Kotwali Mandsaur and the team includes Mohammad Sajid Khan, Vinod Namdev Amit Mishra (Jivisha) Aarakshan Manish Sharma, Guard Jitendra Tank, Guard Bhanu Pratap Singh.

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