Gang of four robbers flee with 16 lakh rupees on Sion-Panvel road

Jun 14 2018 11:18 AM
Gang of four robbers flee with 16 lakh rupees on Sion-Panvel road

On Wednesday, a group of four men hijacked a van which was carrying cash more than 2 crores and flee with 16 lakh rupees in Mankhurd, Mumbai.

According to the Mankhurd police, The security men were present in the van and were weaponless,  the robbers attacked the van. This unfortunate happened on the Sion-Panvel road on Wednesday evening. Although the van had 2 crore rupees, the men couldn’t open the lockers and therefore grabbed an amount of 16 lakh.

The van was carrying money collected from The railway station, from the collection office and was on it’way to Trombay. Suddenly, in between an Alto took over it and a gang of four men with knives and weapons came out and broke the front glass of the van. They tied the security men in the van itself and took the locker that had 16 lakh rupees. They rushed on the Sion road.

The police were informed when a passenger passing by called up and described how some men were beating people in the van. The locals gave the vehicle’s number as well but it seems to be fake.

The case was registered in the Mankhurd police station and the Crime teams are working on the case. The police have the CCTV footage of the Sion Panvel road.


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