Girls are not safe even in the grave, 17 people took out body and raped her

The cases of crime that come the next day sometimes become so surprised that the person's senses are blown away. The incident that has come to light recently is from India's neighbouring country Pakistan. In fact, here some unknown people dug out the body of a teenager from the grave and then raped her. You may not be sure, but it's true. Not only that, but there were not a couple of people who raped the teenager's body, but 17 people. Now after this news has come out, it is being said that there is no shortage of poor people in this country. The case pertains to a village in Gujarat, Pakistan. The incident took place on May 5 in Chak Kamla village.

Ataullah Tarar, deputy general secretary of the Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN), informed about it on Twitter on May 6. In fact, he wrote in his post, "17 suspects related to the incident are being interrogated and the matter is being investigated through scientific methods.'' According to a report that emerged, the mentally and physically challenged teenager died on Wednesday, May 4, and after that at around 6 pm, the family members buried her in the cemetery as per religious tradition and returned home. After all, this happened, the family members of the deceased girl, according to their religious traditions, went to the graveyard on the morning of her burial the next morning.

At the same time, the family members of the deceased dug the grave and found the body missing and after this, during the search, they found the body lying at some distance. Family members say rape marks were found on the body. After this, the uncle of the deceased teenager contacted the police and lodged an FIR and since the FIR was lodged, the police have been investigating the matter. It's not yet clear how many men were involved.

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