Dalit minor gang-raped in Bihar, Victim hanged herself

Oct 03 2020 10:28 AM
Dalit minor gang-raped in Bihar, Victim hanged herself

Patna: There is outrage across the country over the incidents of rape. People are on the streets and protesting. People say that the culprits should be punished with severe punishment. Meanwhile, a Dalit minor in Gaya in Bihar has committed suicide by hanging after gang rape.

In fact, the case is of Garari Balwapar, falls under the Koch police station of Gaya, where the rapists gang-raped a minor girl. The minor girl then committed suicide by hanging. The victim's family has registered a case of gang rape against three known and one unknown. According to the information, the mother of the minor girl has lodged a complaint against some of the people living in Garari. The complaint says that the minor girl had gone to the birthday party in the village itself. On her way back from the birthday party, the accused boys took him to a desolate place outside the village and carried out the gang rape incident all night.

The family searched for her all night. In the morning, the daughter came back home and went inside the house while searching for the family. The family was skeptical when she stayed indoors for too long. When the door was not opened, the family broke the door and entered inside, and saw the girl hanging from the noose.

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