Miscreants robbed in the house in the pretext of sanitization

Mar 18 2020 12:51 PM
Miscreants robbed in the house in the pretext of sanitization

New Delhi: Fear of coronavirus has spread everywhere and everyone seems to be troubled by its awe. Emphasis is being laid on cleanliness and sanitization in the city to prevent this virus, but in the meantime, the news is coming about a gang that is entering people's houses with this same vehicle. Yes, the government is not sending anyone to society or houses for sanitization, but there are some gangs who are committing theft in people's homes citing this. According to the news received in this case, now the government is saying that in the name of sanitization, do not let anyone enter their homes because they have not given any such order.

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Crooks are roaming around as health workers who are committing theft in people's homes. Noida Police Commissionerate has issued such advisory on Monday, asking people to be careful. With this, the police have now released this message on WhatsApp group and social media platforms and the police say that people of the country including Noida are apprehensive due to Coronavirus.

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They say that all people are getting their homes sanitized at their level. Not only this, but it has also been told in the Advisory of Police Commissionerate that 'no group is being sent by the government for sanitization in the houses to protect against coronavirus. For this reason, be careful and alert. Inform your acquaintances not to allow any person or group to make such a claim to enter the house. Incidents have been done at many places by such criminals.

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