Ganga Dusshera: Today do this one measure and all life will get successful

Jun 12 2019 07:31 PM
Ganga Dusshera: Today do this one measure and all life will get successful

Tell all of you that today is Sri Ganga Dussehra and every time it is celebrated on the Dashi date of Jyeshtha Shukla party. It is said that on this day, Gangaji descended upon the Earth and it was only because of the difficult austerity of King Bhagirath that the arrival of the Ganga Maaya on Earth was possible. Today, we are going to tell you what measures you can take on this day. Let us know.

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*Says that if one does not derive satisfaction from his work, he should take a jar of clay on this day, fill it with water to the throat, and add a few drops of Gangaajal. Then, by putting a lid on that jars, he should have some Dakshina as a tribute, and he should donate to a Shiva temple. Doing so turns away all complications.

* If someone wants to have a good health with a long life, you should text five times the lines given in the Ganga Dusshera Ode on this day. The lines are as follows:
The world poison is a non-living system.
Temperature Tray Componi, Pranis te namo Nami II. It is said that on this day, with the recitation of these lines, Shiv Ji should also offer a white flower.

* Says: If you have a desire that is not being fulfilled for any reason for a long time, on this day you should text 11 times of this line taking care of the Ganga Maaya.
Shantaayai p. Vainaiyayai and Dayai Namo Nami II. And with this, pay the milk on the shivling, it will benefit.

* If you want to enrich your life and strengthen your relationship with your friends, on this day you should do these lines for Ganga Maaya. The lines are as follows:
This is a very good and very good.
Namaste World Translator Nandianyai to Namo Nami II. Take note of these lines on the day 11 times the text will benefit you as well as Datura on the shivling.

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