Gangs of Wasepur: Nanhe Khan shot dead by 5 bullets

Dhanbad: Just hours after the gang of Wasepur was killed, gangs have started taking responsibility for the video by releasing the video. Nanhe Khan was shot dead in Wasepur on Wednesday. Soon after the murder case, Prince Khan has not only taken responsibility for the murder of the Nanhe Khan  by releasing the video but has also warned that whoever comes in the middle will have a bad consequence.

In fact, land dealer Nanhe Khan was shot dead in Wasepur. In the middle of the night after the Nanhe Khan murder case, Prince Khan of Wassepur released a video of the murder, saying that the mastermind of the Lala murder was young, so he was killed. Prince Khan has said that Lala Khan's money was invested in the business. The sons of little and gangster Fahim Khan had tried to weaken Lala Khan by killing him. The Nanhe Khan was killed when he searched for the mastermind for four months after the Lala murder case.

In the same viral video, the Prince has said that dhanbad will no longer run by the Aman Singh gang or the Fahim Khan gang but of the big government (Gopi Khan) and the small government (Prince Khan). The gangster has released a video and tried to create panic in Kolanchal Dhanbad including Wasepur. After the shooting of Nanhe Khan, Iqbal, son of gangster Fahim Khan, had revealed the names of several convicts and accused him of involvement in the murder case. Iqbal said prince Khan used to call and threaten earlier which was complained to bank bend police station.

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