Gardner became a guest at Republic Day parade, made this special appeal to PM Modi

New Delhi: Republic Day was celebrated with pomp across the country on Thursday. The special thing is that this time the workers associated with the construction work of the Central Vista Project and Kartavya Path were given special passes to watch the parade. They were made to sit in the first row instead of VVIPs. Prime Minister Modi also greeted these laborers. Gardner Sukh Nandan was also included in these workers. Sukh Nandan told that when Prime Minister Modi came to meet him, he was very happy to see the PM so closely. But when he was asked what would he say to Prime Minister Modi if he had the opportunity? On this, he told that his old contractor did not pay his wages for 44 days, and he would appeal to Prime Minister Modi to get wages.

According to the news received, Sukh Nandan is a resident of the Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh. He said that he was very happy to see Prime Minister Modi so closely. He told that he was very happy when Prime Minister Modi came near and greeted him by shaking hands. I am happy to be a part of such an event. I never thought that I would be a special guest on Republic Day. However, when asked what would he say to Prime Minister Modi if he had the opportunity? On this, he said that I would speak to Prime Minister Modi to help me get my wages. Nandan has been working in the Horticulture Department at India Gate for the last 2 months. Earlier he was working in Andhra Bhawan through a contractor.

Nandan said the contractor refused to pay his 44-day salary. Nandan claims that he also has a copy of the attendance register so that he can prove his presence for 44 days. Nandan is living with his child and wife in a makeshift tent near India Gate. He said that the contractor is not ready to pay his salary. In such a situation, I refused to return his brush cutter. Nandan said "He has asked the contractor to pay my salary and take back his belongings.'' These contractors hire workers with the promise of paying at a rate set by the government. Many times these laborers are exploited and the contractors refuse to pay salaries on one pretext or the other. According to Nandan, Gardner's salary has been fixed at Rs 14,586 by the local body. In such a situation, my 44-day salary is about 21000 rupees. But the contractor is talking about paying only Rs 6,000. Not only this, Nandan said that the contractor is also threatening him with an FIR for his goods. He further said, "If I get any help from the government, I will be thankful. When contacted, Nandan's old contractor Jiten Upadhyay said the salary had not been paid due to some dispute.'' The contractor said, "I think Rs 21,000 is not left. Even after this, he is not giving brush cutters. He must return it first.''

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