Garlic can make your nails strong, just do this small thing

Feb 11 2020 09:38 PM
Garlic can make your nails strong, just do this small thing

In today's time, the girls try hard to show themselves a fairness, and they keep their hands from their fingernails to their hair very well. Girls want everyone's eyes should be on them. In such a situation, the beauty of hands along with the face also matters because the hands of girls make anyone crazy about them. By the way, girls also do a lot of work to make their hands look beautiful and these include everything from manicure to waxing and colourful nailpants. It has also been seen that some girls are upset with their weak nails because their nails do not grow quickly and if they grow, they break soon. By the way, if you are also suffering from this problem and want to get rid of it, then you can use garlic. Learn how garlic adds new life to weak, cracked and lifeless nails. In fact, garlic has antiseptic properties, so if the cause of nail weakness is fungus or bacteria, then this problem goes away.

Garlic water - Peel two-four cloves of garlic and soak it in a bowl for 15 minutes and now take out the garlic and soak your clean hands in this water for ten minutes. Then wash your hands with ordinary water.

Make a paste and use it - Take four buds of garlic and make a paste and fill this paste in an empty bottle of nail polish with nail polish. Add this paste to the nails and apply this paste on the nails and after one to two hours, wash off the nail polish after washing it with warm water.

Garlic and Olive Oil - Grind two to four buds of garlic and mix in olive oil and apply it on the nails, and after an hour, wash hands thoroughly. With these three measures you can make your nails perfect.

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