Garlic oil is the most effective for joint pain, made at home in this way

With increasing age, people get the problem of knee and joint pain. Yes, and this problem seems to be a common problem to hear, but it is very difficult to cope with its pain. Due to this, people use all kinds of medicines and oils, although still this pain does not leave the chase easily. In such a situation, the garlic oil made in the house is very effective in relieving joint pain. Yes, many health experts also say that garlic oil is very beneficial in getting rid of joint pain. Now we tell you how to make and use garlic oil-

Method of making garlic oil- First of all, to make garlic oil, peel 10-12 garlic buds in 250 ml of mustard oil and chop it. Now add 2 nutmeg to it. After this, cut the dry stalk of 50-60 grams of guduchi (giloy) into small pieces. Put all the ingredients in mustard oil and cook on a low flame for 1 hour. Now after cooking this oil, cool it and filter it and keep it in a vial. Take your oil ready.

How to use garlic oil- To get rid of joint pain, massage the joints with garlic oil for 5-7 minutes. Although cold oil is also beneficial, light hot oil is effective in removing pain and swelling quickly. You should massage the joints with garlic oil every night before going to bed. Surely, in the whole week, you will start to get relief from the pain.

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