Gas leakage in Sugar Mill in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh,500 children affected
Gas leakage in Sugar Mill in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh,500 children affected

Uttar Pradesh: More than 500 children have badly affected due to gas leakage in Sugar Mill in Shamli district of western Uttar Pradesh. Children of two schools became victims of this gas leak. The condition of 30 children in the gas leak is severe, admitted to nearby hospitals.

The gas emitted by Sir Chemical Sugar Mill's waste due to destroyed of chemicals. Hundreds of children from Saraswati Vidya Mandir and Sarastavi Junior High School were affected poorly by the gas; more than two dozen children became down for the count. All the unconscious and sick children have been admitted to the District Hospital, CHC and private hospitals. There is no news of the loss of life for any child in the accident.

Sugar mill boiler is on the old road of the city. Here the windies emanating from distillery and sugar mills are inserted along the roadside. Nearly the distilled water of the distillery is collected and recycled. Saraswati Vidya Mandir and Saraswati Junior High School are on this road. The kids were going to school this morning. Meanwhile, the sugar mill employees were putting chemicals from the waste to destroy. Children started to suffer from gas emitted from chemicals, some children went unconscious after going to school. Hundreds of school children were affected by this poisonous gas, the eyes gets burning of the children, itching and falling unconscious.  Western Uttar Pradesh is known for sugarcane cultivation. Sugarcane crushing starts in October. 

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