Because of this, ancestors get salvation by performing shradh in Gaya, know the story

Sep 07 2019 09:40 PM
Because of this, ancestors get salvation by performing shradh in Gaya, know the story

All of you will be aware that from Ashwin Krishna Pratipada to Amavasya, fifteen days are called Pitripaksha. In such a situation, in these 15 days, ancestors are worshiped and they take their blessings. At this time, Pitrupaksha will remain from 13 September to 28 September and Gaya's land is considered the best for Pitrupaksha.

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It is said that in Gaya, there is harmony of the creature with the Shraddha, but the Bhagavat Mahatmya Katha's character, Gaya Shraddha, was duly performed by his brother Gokarna, then he told- 'If you understand the spiritual core of Shraddh, then you will understand the matter, after that, he told a story of Gaya Shraddha which we are going to tell you today.

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This is how Gaiasur died - 'There was an asura, Gaiasur. He got all the personalities from ascetic power. Pleased with penance, Brahma came and asked to ask for the bride. The Asura said, 'What do I ask of you, what do I lack?' If you want, ask me for something. 'Brahmaji thought that this egoistic asura would not die for anyone. He may die from the effects of yajna. He asked for her body for the Yagna. Yajna was performed on his chest for a hundred years.

But he did not die, he happened to get up. Brahmaji remembered God. He appeared and placed both feet on Gaiasur's chest. The Asura was destroyed due to the Charan print. He asked for a groom while dying. In the Yajna area, the person who has Shraddha on Vishnupada will get salvation. God honored this Mangala wish of Gaiasur. Gave him salvation and also granted him a boon.

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Vyas ji said after narrating the story, O bruise! 'Gay' is called life. Pran can earn anything with the help of his associate followers, body, mind, intellect, senses. The arrogant creature is gone, he forgets that he has been made for a particular purpose. The creator talks arrogantly of asking for a groom instead of getting direction for himself. This egoistic organism does not come under the control of normal gods.

Haunts them. Brahmaji rightly thought that if the sacrificial rites of sacrifice for a long time were to be sacrificed, perhaps this pride would be over. With this view, they asked him for his body sacrifice. The age of man is seven years. Yajna was done the whole time, but it was done only with money. A sacrificial yajna performed with a sense of pride is an incomplete yajna, a royal sacrificial fire.

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Satvik Yajna does not have the effect as it should unless it is made. I forgot about Brahmaji's understanding. He called upon God. Bhagavad phase fell on Gaiasur's heart, that is, the reverence for God stagnated. Salvation was done. Gayasura donated the body to Brahma. The body is also called the body. 'In the utterance which is in the body of the body, in the utterance, the body means only the human body. Gayaasur's body can be called charity, body donation, but he did not have reverence for it, that is why he did not become Shraddha and salvation was not done until reverence was added.

Vyas ji said, 'Shaunak ji Gaya shradh can be done in any pilgrimage where Yagya consciousness will be used lively. The blessing God has given to Gaiasur in his proverbial sense does not serve the purpose. The effort made in the spiritual context is a success. But without any reverence for God, there is neither sacrifice nor shraddha. This thing should always be kept in mind.

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