Gemini represents two different sides of personality !

Aug 30 2016 05:31 PM
Gemini represents two different sides of personality !

Gemini-born are clever and intellectual people but they can also be tense and restless. As an air sign, Gemini is concerned with all aspects of the mind.

This zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, which is a planet that represents communication,writing and teaching others.

1. Curiosity:- Geminis ask questions about everything.This makes for a highly skilled debater.

2. Creative and Quick:- Their creativity is always running high and as soon as one project begins, another is already in planning.

3. Anxious:-The Gemini born people are extremely energetic, but there are times when they take on more things than they can ideally handle. This leads to a great deal of anxiety on their parts.

4. Lack Decision Making Ability:- Gemini-born are constantly in two minds whenever they are supposed to decide on something. At times, they lose out on very money-spinning opportunities in their life due to their inability to decide.

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