Gen Z trending slang terms you should know

The world is obsessed with social media, everyone is competing with one another on the internet. All want to get popular with a maximum number of followers, likes, comments. For this, it becomes pretty essential to stay updated with some popular slang terms, not just to fit in but also to come across.

When it comes to trending slang and terms, trust Gen Z to keep up with the age-related lingo.


TIt used by those who have undergone a massive transformation in terms of their physical appearance and personality. It may include a more mature and confident personality or a new hairdo, etc.


It means that you are surrounded by good energy, hip vibe, and is amazing. It can be used to describe parties, events, etc.

Vibe Check

Vibe check is like assessing someone or something. It can be used when you are observing the attitude of a person or the vibe of a place, etc.


Savage is usually used for a person whose attitude or a certain response is “brutal” or “aggressive”.

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