Gender roles absorbed at early age seem to have shaped today’s youth: Study
Gender roles absorbed at early age seem to have shaped today’s youth: Study

A team of researchers at the University of Bologna found that gender roles absorbed at an early age seem to have shaped today's youth regarding their involvement in politics, in line with traditional stereotypes.

Interestingly, previous research has attributed the higher level of political participation amongst males to women generally having lower incomes and access to education, as well as the fact they are generally busier with housework and caring for the family. However, by controlling for educational and socioeconomic background, the new study concludes the reason behind the gender gaps is rather the roles the society has been instilling in the survey's participants from an early age.

The researchers, among other points,  explain that culturally, traits like autonomy, leadership, self-affirmation and dominance are seen as manlike, and as such, they are taught to boys through all possible channels, including family, school, peers and the media. As a result, later on, these boys are likely to feel more confident in expressing their political views and taking actions to defend them.


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