Answer these questions to check your General Knowledge

Aug 01 2020 09:01 AM
Answer these questions to check your General Knowledge

1. Which two wrestlers have been appointed by Haryana Government as deputy directors in the sports department?

Answer: Babita Phogat and Kavita Dalal.

2. Which state has announced the opening of religious places from 01 September?

Answer: Rajasthan.

3. Which two teams are going to start ICC World Cup Super League from today?

Answer: England and Ireland.

4. Which state government has reduced the bat on diesel from 30% to 16.75%?

Answer: Government of Delhi.

5. In what colour will Times Square be painted on August 5?

Answer: Lord Shri Ram.

6. Which mission has the space agency NASA launched to study on Mars?

Answer: Marsh 2020.

7. According to a UNICEF report, how many children in South Asia have been deprived of elementary education due to corona?

Answer: 2.2 crores.

8. What is the number of coronavirus infected in India so far?

Answer: 16,39,920 (35783 deaths)

9. Which Bollywood director has passed away recently?

Answer: Parvez Khan.

10. Under the Indian Standard System, India has announced the inclusion of how many items by March 2021?

Answer: 371 categories.

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