Answer these current affairs questions

Sep 05 2020 10:27 AM
Answer these current affairs questions

1. Which state government has banned sugar company from direct tendering in the state?
Answer: Government of Uttar Pradesh.

2. Bangladesh High Court has announced which women should be given rights on both agricultural and non-agricultural land?
Answer: Hindu widow women.

3. Who has resigned from the post of Special Adviser to Pakistan PM?
Answer: Former Lieutenant General Aseem Bajwa.

4. Which new rifle between India and Russia has been approved for construction in India and which company will build it?
Answer: AK 203 - Indo-Russian Rifle Private Limited (IRRPL).

5. Which website has been launched by CSM Technologies, an Odisha company, to track the Covid-19 vaccine?

6. How many slum huts situated along the 140 km railway tracks of Delhi have to be removed as per Supreme Court's order?
Answer: 48 thousand slums.

7. Andhra Pradesh government has banned which online games?
Answer: Poker and Rummy games.

8. What is the number of coronavirus cases in India so far?
Answer : 39,36,747 (68,472 deaths).

9. Facebook has banned which BJP MLA for spreading violence on social media?
Answer: T. Raja Singh (Telangana).

10. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Railway Board?
Answer: Vinod Kumar Yadav.

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