Important question for all the competitive exam aspirants

Jul 26 2019 04:39 PM
Important question for all the competitive exam aspirants

1.The first railway line was launched between which places were launched by the British government
Answer - Mumbai to Thane

2. India's national animal
Answer - Tiger

3. The Indian Air Force has the smallest rank of commissioned officer.
Answer-Pilot Officer

4. India's highest military decoration to demonstrate courage and might in the war
Answer - PVC

5. The world's largest continent is:

6. What causes the weather
Answer – The revolution of the earth around the Sun

7. What is the name of the atmospheric layer farthest from the surface of the earth?
Answer-Verhi Mandal

8.D. like. a measure equal to 1/6 inch. The trophy is concerned:
Answer – From Football

9. What instrument was Alla Rakha famous for?

10. The Mughal emperor who spent 15 years in exile.
Answer: Humayun

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