Why George Clooney turned down an offer to make $35 million in a day


George Clooney, a Hollywood actor, director, and writer, held a press interview. 264 crore) for a single day's work on an airline's marketing. They, on the other hand, had readily declined.

"But I spoke about it with Amal (Clooney's wife and an international human rights lawyer), and we concluded that wasn't fair," George Clooney remarked. Clooney claims that his wife made the decision because the airline had previously been affiliated with a country that had been linked to terrorism. In fact, when a Guardian writer asked Clooney whether he ever thought, "I have enough money now," Clooney replied, "I have enough money now."


Clooney, 60, married Amal, 43, in 2014 and the couple had two twins. Ella comes first, followed by Alexander. In June of 2017, he was born. Clooney has revealed that one of his children comes to him four days a week for child care. Because they are crucial days for execution. We were the only ones throughout the whole year of lockdown.

If it ($35 million) caused his sleep go for a minute, the 60-year-old actor felt it was pointless. According to sources in the media, the multi-talented star's total assets are presently valued at $500 million (Rs 37,73,62,50,000 = Rs 3773 crore). Clooney's next film, 'The Tender Bar,' is set to be released on December 17 this month, according to reports. On January 7, 2022, it will be available on Amazon Prime. Clooney conducted the interview to the press at a London hotel's promotional party. Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan.

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