Get a chance to travel in a fight at just Rs 999

Sep 05 2018 10:58 AM
Get a chance to travel in a fight at just Rs 999

The Indian airline company Indigo has once again introduced a cheap rental scheme. In this scheme, the airline is starting renting for Rs 999 on the domestic route, the international ticket price starts at Rs 3199. If you are planning to travel to a destination until March, then this is a good opportunity for you. This offer is offered by the company for only 4 days, in which you can book a flight ticket until March 2019. 

Separate fares for each city will start from Rs 999 under this scheme. After that, the rent for each city will be different. Delhi ticket from Jaipur is available for Rs 999, but the ticket from Delhi to Ahmedabad is Rs 1399. Similarly, tickets from Bengaluru are available in Hyderabad for Rs. 1299 but from Bengaluru, Chennai ticket is available for Rs. 1399. Tickets for Delhi from Udaipur are available in 1899. Airline discount airport charge and discount on government tax will not given. Apart from this, the offer is not valid on Indigo Group bookings. Once the ticket is booked, there can be no change in it. You will have to pay extra for the change. 

To avail the scheme, you will have to book the flight ticket between September 3 and September 6, while you can book the cheapest ticket under the scheme from 18 September to 30 March 2019. The airline has announced a cheap ticket on selected seats. Under this offer, 10 lakh cheap tickets will be sold. ​Indigo had earlier introduced the scheme of Cheap Tickets in July. At that time the airline started the ticket from Rs 1,212. 

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