Get Pedicure at home with these simple and easy steps
Get Pedicure at home with these simple and easy steps

When you know that you want those beautiful, soft and shiny feet for that big event and have no time to hit the spa or the parlour, you needn’t worry. We’ve got you covered….here are 8 really simple steps in which you can give yourself a pedicure at home really quick. And it is going to be much the same (perhaps even better) than the one that you were going to get at the spa!

Step 1 : Get all your supplies together

It might feel like there are a whole lot of supplies that you’ll need for giving yourself a pedicure at home but all that you’ll really need are – a small tub filled with lukewarm water, nail clipper, pumice stone, nail file, nail polish remover, cuticle oil and a moisturizing lotion. You can skip some of these add some others to your list of supplies.

Step 2 : Get off the old nail polish that you’ve got on your feet

It is important that you wipe off the old nail polish at the very beginning of your pedicure at home session. This is so that your feet and nails are completely soaked as they are dipped into hot water.

Step 3 : Soak your feet

It is now time to start soaking your feet. Dip both your feet entirely into the warm water tub and let them soak for about a 10 minutes. You can change the temperature the way you like it but see to it that it is not-too-hot (as it can damage your feet) or not-too-cold (as there won’t really be any effect if the water’s too cold).

Step 4 : Cut your nails

Nails and the skin around it would now have softened. So cut the nails now and file them, also removing all the dirt that could be hidden within them along with this. If you have cuticle oil at home, apply the cuticle oil onto and around your nails.

Step 5 : Scrub the rest of our feet

The very purpose that we started the whole pedicure thing for – to remove dead skin off our heels is what we should get to now. Rub a pumice stone or a brush against your heels for this purpose. Rub the stone hard enough for the dead skin to fall off and not any harder than that. Since we’re doing this after soaking our feet, the skin around the heels should become smooth with much ease and pretty quickly too.

Step 6 : Wipe the dead skin off the feet

After the scrubbing, it is important that you wipe off the dead skin off your feet with a towel. That way the water that was left out from the soaking can also be wiped off and the feet can be rendered dry and devoid of any dead cells.

Step 7 : Moisturize your feet

It’s now time to moisturize your feet. Use a moisturizer of your choice and rub it all over your feet until they get soft. If you’re using an oil-based moisturizer, make sure your feet are dry before you start applying the moisturizer.

Step 8 : Colour your nails

Now that your feet are soft, shiny and beautiful, the only thing that’s left to do is add colour to them. Pick the nail polish of your choice and apply it over the nails carefully until the nails have been done to perfection.

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