Getting out in wet Hair can lead to cough and cold, Know The Truth

Jul 02 2019 03:03 PM
Getting out in wet Hair can lead to cough and cold, Know The Truth

Sometimes it happens that having wet hair makes you cold. To avoid this, you need to adopt several methods. Today we're going to tell you about how you can take care of yourself. There is also the belief that if wet hair goes into cold air, it becomes cold. During the winter season, most people find it advisable to don't get out by wetting hair. Let us know about it.

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Not Wet hair is caused but rhino virus, colds
First of all, colds don't happen to you until you are attacked by cold-related viruses. The most common virus of winter which is the rhino virus. You are not cold until you are attacked by the rhino virus.

When does the rhinovirus attack
Rhinovirus generally thrives in low temperatures. Hypothermia is more likely to occur where there is colder. Hypothermia reduces the immunity of the body. People who have weak immunity get sick quickly if your immunity is good, you don't get sick.

Colds also lead to fever, after which most people take medications such as paracetamol or aspirin. This reduces fever but causes cold-cough linguine virus to spread rapidly. This is mainly due to low body temperature.

Colds are Infectious
You may also be affected by colds if you are in the vicinity and your body temperature is low. One should avoid getting closer to a person suffering from colds.

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