Follow these tips to get rid of dry hair and hairfall

In today's time, many people are troubled by falling hair. In such a situation, the problem of falling hair is found in everyone. On the other hand, if you too are tired of using different types of shampoo conditioners, do not panic. In fact, today we will tell you exactly native and effective tips which will help in preventing your hair from falling out.

1. Curd and Lemon: The mixture of curd and lemon removes the dryness of the skin of your scalp, as well as it eliminates dandruff. Many times hairfall also occurs due to dandruff, in this case, add few drops of lemon juice in curd and apply it on the hair, and after drying for a while, wash it.

2. Massage with hot oil: Even if the roots of hair are weak, hair starts to break down from the roots. For this, you must massage with lukewarm oil. It actually nourishes the hair and protects the scalp skin from dry winds.

3. Neem and curd paste: Mix the paste of neem leaves with curd and apply on the scalp to reduce hair fall. With this, if the hair is becoming increasingly white, then you can also avoid it.

4. Oil and camphor: To keep away the problem of dandruff and itching, you should mix a small amount of camphor in any oil like coconut mustard or olive, this will be beneficial.

5. Steam: By taking steam, the holes present in the scalp open and with this, the steam also stops hair fall, hair grows healthy and their shine also starts to grow.

6. Neem and Coconut Oil: Neem coconut oil acts as an anti-fungal against fungus (itching), causing itching and redness in the scalp. Along with this, neem and coconut oil together act as an antiseptic against dandruff and itching of the scalp. Now you must have known that you can overcome hair problem with some home remedies and good diet.

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