Virat will leave Diwali Puja and go on a dangerous mission, Sai will be cheated

Star Plus' serial 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin' is all set to have a new twist. The audience is now excited to know if a third is going to enter Sai and Virat's life. Is Virat going to cheat on his wife Sai? Well, we have already told you that TV actor Shafaq Naaz will be seen as a new character Shruti in this serial. According to reports, Shafaq is set to play the role of a widow in the serial. In the upcoming episodes, you will see that preparations are being made for the Diwali puja of Chavan Niwas.

The day is also very special for Virat as Sai is returning to their room but suddenly Virat is ordered to go on a dangerous mission. In that case, he changes the festive outfit and wears a uniform. In the meantime, Sai as well as the entire family get nervous but Virat goes out to do his duty. On this mission, he will meet this widow (Shafaq Naaz). On the other hand, when Virat leaves, Patralekha will go to Sai's room to meet her and create a misunderstanding against Virat in Sai's mind. In fact, she will tell Sai not to trust Virat because he is a man after all.

She will say that another girl can come into her life anytime and you will keep watching. In the meantime, Sai will be upset to hear Patralekha and would like Virat to return soon. It will now be interesting to see what this dangerous mission is and what colour is Virat's return from this mission?

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