Long neck and spots on the body, look carefully, it is a dog not a 'giraffe'

New Delhi:  As it has a long neck and spots on its body, people are comparing a strange dog to a giraffe. Louisa Crook rescued Brody, an Azwak breed dog, after he was wounded in a car accident in 2016. Brody's age was assessed by Louisa to be between six and seven years old. Brody had to have one leg and one hand amputated as a result of the tragedy.

The necks of the azvakh breed of dogs are generally lengthy, according to legend. However, following the accident, Brody's appearance changed significantly. Brody is the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen, according to Louisa, a marketing strategist at Millid East. I'm a big admirer of saithaunds, and Azwak is one of my favourites.


He said that the first time he saw Brody, he was unable to move and in extreme pain, which made him apprehensive. Because Azwak is a rare breed, I had never seen him in such a bloody position before, Louisa explained. Brody's neck is lengthy, but because his severed shoulder feels tied to his neck, it appears to be outrageously long. He claims that at times he appears to be little more than a long neck with hands and legs connected.

Not all Azwak breed dogs, Louisa noted, have spots, which is one of Brody's characteristics. Brody and I have a really close bond. He consistently expresses gratitude for his new life after enduring excruciating pain.

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