Public got angry on this person who was raising a giraffe in his house
Public got angry on this person who was raising a giraffe in his house

You must have seen people raising dog, cat, pigeon, rooster and parrot. But has anyone ever seen or heard of giraffes? No. But, one person has kept a giraffe in his house as a pet. This matter is from Pakistan. In Karachi, a person has kept a giraffe in his residence. Recently, a video clip of him is also being shared on social media.

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A user named Norbert Almeida shared this video. In this video, it is clearly visible how a giraffe is peeping out of the wall. Now people do not like a wild animal being imprisoned in its habitat. According to a report in Pakistan, this case has reached near Sindh Wildlife Department Conservator. People have also tagged them on the Internet.

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However, it is not yet known who is the owner of this giraffe, But Javed Mahar, who works for the interests of wildlife in Pakistan, writes about this, 'We live in a society that operates by law ... not by a human being. There is a sense in civil society. As a responsible person, we complain against this @Sindhwildlife team.' He also further told that even six-seven months ago, the owner of this giraffe has been said that it is a residential area. This giraffe should be shifted to a farmhouse. Even if they have a permit to open a mini zoo near them, they are not allowed to keep elephants and giraffes.

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