5 people abducted a girl and gang-raped her in Anganwadi

Feb 10 2020 12:40 PM
5 people abducted a girl and gang-raped her in Anganwadi

Recently a new case of crime has surfaced. The case is from Haryana where a girl sleeping in a house in Yamunanagar was picked up from the house and gang-raped in an Anganwadi. Police have filed the report on Sunday. After picking the girl from her home in Yamunanagar, Haryana, five people gang-raped her.

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The victim tried to escape from there, she was also beaten up. The victim has also suffered more injuries. The accused picked up the victim from her house and committed the crime in a closed Anganwadi nearby. Police say that a minor was also involved. The girl somehow escaped the clutches of the accused men and reached her home and told the family about this. The family immediately reached the police station with the girl and the police took immediate action and provided medical help to the victim and registered a case against the accused.

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This case cannot be called the first such case, but even before this, there have been many such cases that have surprised everyone. The police sent the girl for medical. The girl identified the accused and on this basis, the police is trying to catch them.

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