Girl who gives information about alcohol smuggler gets threat of acid attack

Feb 22 2020 12:31 PM
Girl who gives information about alcohol smuggler gets threat of acid attack

Ahmedabad: The big cases of crime coming today are shocking everyone. In such a case, which has recently come up, the woman who informed the police about the liquor smuggler in the Vadaj area of the city, not only threatened acid attack but also reached the house by taking acid in a plastic bottle. 

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On the basis of the complaint of the girl, the police registered a case against the liquor smuggler and started the investigation. According to the news received in this case, a woman living in Hanumanpura chali of Ahmedabad's Vadaj area had informed the police about alcohol. Angry smuggler Kirit aka Jango Dantani called the girl first and after that, she even threatened her with an acid attack.

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Only so much of the Kirit reached the young woman's house after filling the acid in a plastic bottle, but Kirit escaped from the place after the locals gathered to do something. After that the woman got the Vadaj police station report registered and the police investigation revealed that dozens of cases have already been registered against Kirit, including the cases of assault including liquor smuggling. At present, the investigation is going on in this case.

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