Girl asks Muslim youth to convert to Hinduism and go vegetarian before marriage

May 04 2019 09:51 PM
Girl asks Muslim youth to convert to Hinduism and go vegetarian before marriage

Surat: A girl in Gujarat's Katargam town has submitted an application before the local police saying she wanted to marry a Muslim man provided he convert to Hinduism and becomes a vegetarian.


As per the report in Indian Express, the girl and the boy were released by the police on April 29 saying the two were adults and can take their own decisions. Earlier, the lovers had fled Nanpura marriage registry office on April 22 after the girl's parents reached the spot spoiling their plans to get married.


The girl had an affair with the youth and was living in a live-in relationship with the man. The development comes after Katargam police in Surat detained both the girl and her lover following a complaint by the girl's parents.

After her release, the girl returned to her parents and submitted an application before police that the two were in a live-in relationship and that she wants to marry the boy. In her affidavit, the girl kept two conditions for the boy, first asking him to convert to Hinduism in the presence of her parents and give an assurance that he won't change his decision.

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The Girl also demanded that the youth must give up non-vegetarian food and he should not force her to cook or eat non-veg in future.

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Katargam Sub-Inspector, A R Rathod, said, “We have received such an application from the girl, in which she has mentioned that Muslim youth should change his religion and become Hindu and also leave non-vegetarian food. While submitting such an affidavit, she mentioned that a copy of it should be sent to the Muslim youth and his family members.”


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