Girl raped in virtual world!"

Recently a shocking case has come to the fore. In fact, recently a girl has alleged that her character (Avatar) has been raped in the virtual world of Metaverse. Yes and along with this the girl also claimed that another avatar was watching the incident of rape happening to her and had a bottle of vodka in her hand which he was distributing. According to a report that surfaced, SumOfUs, a non-profit organization, recently sent a 21-year-old girl into the virtual world. However, after a few hours, a stranger from the girl's avatar started sexually assaulting her.

It is being told that about this incident, the girl said, 'It all happened very fast. Though all this was happening with my avatar but I felt it is happening with me. Let us tell you that the girl entered the virtual world through Horizon Worlds App of Metaverse. While talking to a well-known website regarding this incident, a spokesperson of Metaverse said, 'The girl may not have activated our safety feature tool which is on by default. Through this, unwanted or people outside the friend list can be prevented from coming close. This makes it easier to avoid unwanted conversations. At present, more safety features are being worked on.

You all know that Metaverse is completely a virtual world, but everything that happens in our real world is happening in it. Yes, due to this questions are being raised about the security features. Not long ago, a woman living in London also alleged that within 60 seconds of joining the Metaverse, some users there together physically abused her avatar. Let us also tell you all that whenever someone signs in to the metaverse, they enter an online world. Where virtual characters (avatars) of users meet and communicate.

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