Girl Suffers Epileptic Seizures Triggered By application of henna

NEW DELHI: In an unusual incident, a Nine-year-old girl suffered epileptic seizures after the application of Mehndi (Henna) on her hands.

On Februay 7, medical professionals at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital reported an "unusual" case of a nine-year-old girl who experienced epileptic seizures brought on by the scent of "mehndi" that had been put to her hand.

According to a statement from the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, the case study was published in the Clinical Neurophysiology's January 2023 issue. The child's first seizure, according to the physicians, happened after the Mehndi application. She fell and struggled with convulsions for 20 seconds after an abrupt loss of consciousness. A year later, following the application of mehndi, the youngster experienced two related seizures. The girl was sent to the hospital for additional testing following the recurrent episodes.

A nine-year-old girl who was experiencing epileptic convulsions following the application of "mehndi," according to "an exceptional case" documented by the hospital's department of neurology lately.

She had "abrupt loss of consciousness, resulting in fall and convulsions for 20 seconds" when she experienced her first convulsion following the application of "mehndi," according to medical staff. She was reportedly recently taken to the hospital for more testing. "Mehndi" is the practise of using "henna," a reddish-brown natural dye, to create patterns on.

"This was an unusual case of reflex epilepsy," said Dr. (Col) P. K. Sethi, senior consultant in the hospital's department of neurology, "where epileptic seizures are consistently induced by identifiable and objective-specific triggers as opposed to other epileptic seizures which are typically unprovoked."

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