Girlfriend became a robber to repay the loan of engineer BF, both caught in a jiffy

Chennai: Police have arrested two engineering students who robbed an elderly woman in Thondamuthur, Tamil Nadu. Both are accused of snatching a gold chain from a goat herder. In fact, in Kaliammal area, when a woman was grazing her goats on the road, in the meantime, two bike riders stopped near her. Both started making excuses to ask the address of the woman. As soon as the woman started telling them the address, taking advantage of the opportunity, the bike riders ran away after snatching the chain from the neck of the old lady.

The victim woman immediately gave a complaint to the police and told that the two accused snatched her 44 grams of gold chain and fled. Police registered the case and started investigation. He scanned the CCTV footage from nearby, through which the accused were identified. The accused were traced from the registration number of the vehicle and the police arrested both of them. The accused were identified as 20-year-old Prasad and the same age as Tejaswini. Both study in third year B.Tech in a private college located in Somaiyapalayam.

Police have told that both the accused are girlfriend-boyfriend. Both belong to good families. But Prasad has a bad addiction to online gambling, due to which he has taken a lot of debt and to pay it, both of them started carrying out incidents like chain snatching. Police said that the family members of accused Prasad had also once lodged a complaint with the police station about the theft of 250 grams of gold jewelery from the house. But when he came to know that his own son had committed this theft, he withdrew the case.

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